Tell the universe what you want.


I’ve been telling the universe I want a trekking/hiking backpack for weeks now. With the criteria being suitable for my size, fits in the “its a sweet deal” category, {not to expensive} and is gently used but still great condition. 

so today I’m going to give one of my favorite little second hand shops a visit. I arrive to find they are closed till after all the holidays have past. 

What to do? I decide to look up thrift stores near me on Google maps. Google suggests RCC Resale. YaY. I hit directions and let Google lead the way to: 150 Gulf Fwy N. In League City Tx. 

I’ve arrived, as I enter the store, I’m greeted with the good vibes chill. I don’t know why? I just like this place. 
I round the clothes rack, low and behold sits a backpack. My heart did a fast beat. It’s a Bergan’s 20171230_123027.jpgof Norway 26L. I inspect the heck out of it and it’s perfect! All criteria is met and…the most awesome part it’s only $5 dollars. Sold.



The art of the “sweet deal” and the universe helped.

I’m so happy with my purchase! 


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